Electric & Manual Skid Steer Quick-Tach Kit - Replacement for John Deere KV14000

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This kit includes straps for both the electric and manual disconnect

This kit includes the following:

(1) KV18477 Strap (For Electric Disconnect)

(1) T265836 Strap (For Manual Disconnect)

(1) KV15968 Guide

(2) KV15409 Compression Spring

(3) KV14518 Washer

(3) KV12914 Pin

Fits John Deere Models:

Electric Disconnect:

317, 320, 325, 328, 318D, 319D, 320D, 323D, 326D, 328D, 329D, 332D, 333D, CT322, 324E, 330G, 331G, 332G, and 333G

Manual Disconnect:

318D, 318E, 319D, 319E, 320D, 320E, 323D, 323E, 326D, 326E, 328D, 328E, 329D, 329E, 332D, 332E, 333D, 333E

Parts can vary depending on your serial number. Fill out the contact form here to ensure the correct part for your equipment.

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